Post: Top 5 Creepiest Bates Motel Moments

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Bates Motel was one of the creepiest shows in the history of TV. Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Psycho” the TV adaptation explored even further the depths of a boy’s love for his mother. (And when we say “love” we mean “LOVE.”) In a show that was full of awkwardness, innuendo and outright freakiness, here are out top five creepiest moments in the show’s history.

5. Ms. Watson trying to give Norman “extra credit”.

What Makes it So Creepy: Homework should never be done in your teacher’s home.


4. Norman teaching Juno to stay – forever.

What Makes it So Creepy: 
I don’t think Juno will be playing “fetch” much though…


3. Norman making out with someone who looks like Norma

What Makes it So Creepy: Norma just happens to be…ya know…his mom.


2. Norman hugging Marion Crane, or any of his guests, or anyone ever.

What Makes it So Creepy: I don’t think Marion signed up for the nightly check-in service.

1. This. Just this.

What Makes it So Creepy: Mother definitely wasn’t caught sleepwalking again.

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